Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Man of God! Tim Tebow

Over the last several years I have not given much thought to the NFL.  Dallas used to be my team.  I think it truly was at one time "America's Team".  What teenage boy didn't pretend to be Roger  "the Dodger" Staubach.  And of course there was always the cool, calm, calculated, coach, Tom Landry.  Arguably one of the all time best NFL coaches ever!

I was also inspired by other players on the team.  Walt Garrison, Calvin Hill, Bobby Hayes, Golden Richards, and Big Bob Lilly.

Like all of us they got older and others took their place.  Time does that.  Things change for the good or bad.

I looked up to Landry and Staubach especially because because I knew they were not afraid of letting others know of their faith in God.  They were two of my heroes.

Then, it happened!  The unthinkable!  The Cowboys were sold and...Tom Landry was...FIRED!  So I stopped keeping up with the NFL.  The game had changed!  It was now about the BIG BUCKS.  People were no longer important.  The game was about the MONEY!

But after several years I am now keeping up with the NFL again.  Certainly not as I once did.  But certainly more than in recent years.  There is but one reason... his name is Tebow.  Tim Tebow!

He reminds of Roger the "Dodger" Staubach of the early "Camelot" Cowboy Days.

We are in a day when being Christian is not popular.  And maybe we should not be as concerned about that part as some are.  But here is a young man who from his youth, has not been afraid to let others know his love for Christ.  The media does not like that.  They do not like that his mother chose not to abort him.  They do not like that he comes from a Home school family.  They wish he had not been so successful in college at Florida.  And they really do not like him starting for the Denver Bronco's!  Why?  Because he is the real deal Christian.  Have you listened to this young man?  It is not about winning.  It is about being his best and serving in any way he can for his Lord!  He praises his teammates.  He praises his coaches!  And he visits children who are disabled in one way or another to lift their spirits.  He gives thanks to God anywhere he chooses.

I have heard him criticized for praying in public.  One source said that Jesus said such should not be done.  I say please check you Bible again.  Jesus wants our hearts right.  We can and should honor Him anywhere!

If you are a Christian, then I ask you to pray for this young man!  Many wish for him to fail in his Christianity! I say we need more like him in this day and time.  Not only is he an example for our youth, he is an example for all of us!

Tebow, you may never see this, but I am praying for you!

God bless,


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  1. Hey Gerry, nice looking blog and some good thoughts, my friend! Happy to see you have a blog and hope to visit more often to see what you're writing (typing) about next.